About Yo Journal

Yo Journal is an online diary designed for recording and remembering life’s details.

Have you ever wanted to recall the specific day you traveled abroad, got that promotion, saw your favorite band, attended your daughter’s play or had your roof repaired? Or perhaps you’d just like a place to chronicle your thoughts and opinions. Whatever the situation, Yo Journal makes it easy to document your experiences, observations and countless other details.

Yo Journal is as simple to use as an email or weblog service; just type a few words or sentences, select Add Entry, and voila, your entry will appear in that day’s history (i.e. March 27th) for the rest of your life (or at least until you decide to edit or delete it). Entries are entirely private, for personal consumption and reference only.

Yo Journal is free to try for 15-days and requires only an email addrdess and password to create an account. At the end of the trial period, individuals can continue to use the service by choosing between one of two upgrade packages. Of course, there is no obligation to continue to use the service. Individuals who decide Yo Journal is not for them can continue to access their account, in order to export their data, but will not be able to add new content.